At Garret McKenzie, we’ve been living up to our promises for over 50 years. Combined, our executive team delivers over 175 years of environmental remediation, water, and fire damage restoration services, from managing large commercial losses to any size or type of disaster.

That’s why we were the first call when this food manufacturing facility suffered damages after a storm. This is just one of our many success stories showing the work that we do from start to finish.

Property Damage

Lightning strikes the United States around 25 million times each year. In the first quarter of the year, severe thunderstorms and inclement weather were responsible for a record $5.7 billion in insured losses in the U.S.

food manufacturing facility had sustained multiple lightning strikes during a storm which caused several fires to occur to the 100+ year old building. These fires caused smoke damage, water damage, and sprinkler heads to discharge directly over milling equipment within the flour processing area of the property. 

This was more than just structural damage. In the food industry, moisture and water damage are critical and threatening to the food produced, potentially contaminating the food processes and cross-contaminating other areas.


Our team had to act fast as every second mattered in stabilizing the environment to prevent salmonella or other bacteria outbreaks in the food production.

This meant we had to access equipment quicklto identify where the water traveled within the milling system and what microbial or bacterial issues were present.

It was imperative to identify whether contamination occurred on staged and/or finished food products located in the facility.

Work Performed 

Our team was able to establish environmental controls within the facility to prevent cross-contamination and localize suspected areas. 

Desiccant dehumidification and structural drying processes were installed throughout the water damaged areas returning the environment to acceptable dry standards. Our team disassembled the milling system to locate the water impacted area, identified damaged equipment, and potential food safety concerns.

Sampling was also performed on finished food products to identify with possible contamination. Then, we dry-ice blasted the flour hoppers to keep cross-contamination of potential salmonella or other microbial and bacterial issues to a minimum.

All efforts were successfully performed and allowed us to help them get back up and running.

At Garrett McKenzie, we deliver effective solutions for managing all your restoration and mitigation needs and the specialized equipment – desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, support equipment needed to get the job done.  We deliver both structural drying solutions and power distribution – mobilizing both locally and nationwide, partnering with you to get your business back in business. We have a professional available 24/7 ready to answer your questions or deploy a team to get your business back in order.