In 2021 Hurricane Ida’s extensive water and wind damage caused many challenges in the structural drying and dehumidification process in construction material. Restoration contractors had to be innovative in finding a solution that worked.

Restoration contractors consulted with our restoration support services given their experience and techniques to develop a strategy to aid in the moisture removal of a school in Louisiana. The school suffered from water damage and moisture throughout the facility after Hurricane Ida.

Property Damage

The school had many layers of paint on concrete block walls that retained excessive moisture, prevented drying results and caused environmental concerns. The hurricane also caused significant power outages in the area, which impeded the proper acclimatization of the facility.

Work Performed

Dry ice blasting was introduced as a solution since our team had previous experience with proven success in similar situations. We supported our partners with the blasting process and equipment rentals to complete the project. The project was considerable, with 59,000 pounds of dry ice pellets being used at different flow rates to penetrate the paint and release the trapped moisture, allowing the drying process to proceed successfully.

Restoration Support Services

Dry ice blasting is efficient, time-saving and offers a cost-effective solution. Nothing is impossible when partnering with the right restoration support vendor.

Download our Case Study to see more about restoration support services and how dry ice blasting is utilized.

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