A dependable Restoration Rental Support Contractor does more than supply equipment – they enhance the restoration contractor’s performance, genuinely supporting contractors who specialize in the restoration industry. Intimately knowing the ins and outs of the industry, being versed in pricing structures, industry software, insurance reimbursement practices, policies, and standards. They rent top-of-line, quality, and brand recognition restoration equipment used in the industry.


It’s not a matter of selecting just any rental company but instead is a question of which ones exclusively focus on the restoration industry and which ones are simply renting out equipment. Just because someone has declared themselves a restoration support vendor does not necessarily mean the support goes beyond the rental. Support begins with asking the right questions, offering the right solutions, and delivering the right restoration equipment for successful restoration efforts. Support is answering all calls live 24 hours a day for emergency equipment rentals and creating a contractor rental plan. Support is aiding the contractor with equipment placement and setup. Support incorporates proper servicing, maintenance, and operations and confirms equipment is running at peak performance. Support in continual assistance throughout the rental, primarily catering support to each restoration contractor’s needs. Establishing trust in your rental provider is essential in supporting your project.


In theory, rental suppliers’ interests are to support the vendor. Nonetheless, there is a lack of transparency. Overbilling, added and unknown costs included in the invoice, inaccurate rental on and off rental dates and complex billing practices are just some of the issues shown. While restoration support contractors rely on the restoration industry, they have more flexibility in the rental, work with the contractor on pricing structures, and cut all those hidden costs.

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