Discover the benefits of utilizing standby power during an unplanned outage. When Willis Tower lost power due to record rainfall, Garrett McKenzie was able to supply the backup power Willis Tower desperately needed with their extensive fleet of generators and power distribution hardware. Download this case study to see how standby power keeps businesses operating during power outages.

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Discover the benefits of utilizing dry ice blasting on difficult surfaces when significant water damage occurs. When Hurricane Ida hit in 2021, water and wind damage presented many challenges. Garrett McKenzie supplied restoration support services for a restoration contractor in Louisiana, namely trapped moisture using dry ice blasting. Download this case study to see how dry ice blasting provided an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective solution.

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A hurricane preparedness plan is essential. One universal requirement for any plan is the need for immediate access to temporary power. Portable generators and power distribution hardware deliver power safely and efficiently to the end-use location, but sourcing the right amount of power is critical for plan success. 

During Hurricane Ida in 2021, there was a significant need for temporary power throughout Louisiana. Those businesses who did not plan ahead were often left without power. This case study reviews how Garrett McKenzie provided temporary power, desiccant dehumidification units, temporary chillers, and restoration support services. This overview can help inform your next hurricane preparedness plan is a success. Download today!