Power failures have a tremendous monetary impact and disruption of business operations, causing a calamity of situations. When it comes to your business, it’s essential to have an emergency contingency plan during unplanned power outages. Similarly, while scheduled power outages allow for preplanning and delivery, they require the same critical thinking. Collaborating with a power supply expert is key to making a difference in the outcome of the electrical power supply for the business operations. Sourcing temporary and backup power is smart to deliver safe and reliable power.

Here are three different situations where temporary power and power distribution hardware can help keep businesses functioning.

Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods and ice storms cause widespread power outages that have the potential to last days or weeks depending on how severely the energy sector was damaged. Power outages pose a significant vulnerability to our basic functions in life; food, water, housing, healthcare and comforts are all dependent on power. Unfortunately, all natural disasters have one thing in common: the need for portable power.

Temporary power is vital for high-risk areas prone to potential disasters and fundamental to recovery efforts. Considering how short and long-term power outages affect those living within and around the areas poses challenges to communities. A coordinated and rapid response is best, with pre-mobilization of temporary power if the timing presents itself. Standby power ensures that once the power goes down, the backup generator will start with little to no downtime. Establishing a relationship with a temporary power rental company in advance gives you access to power that may not otherwise be available promptly.


Manufacturing is vital to our economy, delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses. Power outages can shut down production lines, halt assembly, break down machinery and minimize product development. They frequently cause an adverse chain reaction throughout the whole operation.

Response time, mobilization, temporary generator setup and power distribution hardware are crucial in decreasing operational downtime. Partnering with a temporary power supply rental company gives you the advantage of building a relationship with the power specialist prior to an unexpected outage. Understanding how much power is needed and familiarizing yourself with your amp and voltage needs is essential in deciding the correct power supply for the temporary restoration of power.

Regularly planned power shutdowns for inspections, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of manufacturing equipment can help to garner the exact specifications.


Power outages can cause a cascading impact on critical services such as healthcare and public health, water and wastewater, transportation systems, finance and government. The infrastructure sector has continuity and contingency plans for power outages, however, what happens when those contingency plans fail due to long-term power outages? Long-term power outages can result in health and personal safety risks, a loss of critical lifeline functions and security issues. All these sectors are vulnerable to the response and recovery capabilities in planning such events. Collaboration between the infrastructure and private sectors for backup and temporary power rentals widens the availability of emergency resources. Support from the private sector and its network of temporary power resources can be secured to bring in extensive inventories of temporary power and power distribution hardware while power reestablishment is achieved.

Power is essential and critical. Forecasting your power needs is key to planning and having the right power resources if power outages. Consult with a Temporary Power Solutions Specialist who knows the right questions to ask about your business and plans accordingly on your rental needs.

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