Garrett McKenzie has been entrusted and living up to our promises for over 50 years. Combined, our executive team delivers over 175 years of fire and water restoration services, from managing large commercial losses to any size or type of disaster. This is just one of our many success stories showing the work that we do from start to finish. 

Property Damage

Heavy rains caused flooding and storm damage to the entire lower level of critical infrastructure, including the Hyperbaric Chamber Facility, Independent Doctor’s Offices, Hospital Rehabilitation Area and other areas throughout the hospital. 

Severe flood damage can bring essential operations to a halt. Knowing this, Garrett McKenzie was prepared to take action as soon as we were on scene. With mitigation and remediation services, our goal is to get businesses operational as soon as possible. 


In addition to structural damage, we had to take into account the cross-contamination of bacteria into the sterile hospital facility, direct bacterial contamination to lower structural components, direct bacterial contamination to multiple doctor’s offices equipment, files and contents. 

There was also bacterial contamination to the Hyperbaric Chamber Facility. Our team planned a controlled demolition, mitigation and remediation to the entire lower level which enable us to facilitate an aggressive recovery plan.

Work Preformed

Our team implemented a plan keeping our clients concerns at the forefront, installed critical barriers and containment chambers with decontamination entry and exit chambers – encapsulating critical areas from potential cross-contamination. Our environmental team provided DNA sampling to the hospital on a regular basis throughout the project and reviewed results with Infectious Control, facility management, and other consultants confirming successful processes. 

As results were analyzed, remediation plans were finalized and placed into effect. Daily project goals and analysis were reviewed with the management team as plans were developed, completed, sampled and cleared of occupancy. Controlled demolition, decontamination, and remediation services were performed as well as structural drying, dehumidification, moisture monitoring and graphing. 

All efforts were successfully performed and allowed us to help get their company back up and running.

We deliver effective solutions for managing all your restoration and mitigation needs and the desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, support equipment needed to get the job done. Garrett McKenzie delivers both structural drying solutions and power distribution – mobilizing both locally and nationwide, partnering with you to get your business back in business. We have a professional available 24/7 ready to answer your questions or deploy a team to get your business back in order.