During Hurricane Ida in August of 2021, there was a significant need for temporary power throughout Louisiana up to the east coast. Power infrastructures were compromised by hurricane-force winds damaging power lines and transformers.

The complexity of no power or power shortage expanded to every Louisiana industry. Medical centers, retirement communities, banks, grocery stores, gas stations and schools all had to find solutions for temporary power.

Property Damage

Over 1.1 million power outages occurred in the wake of Hurricane Ida, with 922,000 outages alone in Louisiana. Only 14% were able to be restored by the 5th day per the U.S Department of Energy website. Restoring power can take weeks. Energy provider DEMCO advised its members to make plans for their health, safety and comfort.

Work Performed

During disasters having access to power is critical. Garrett McKenzie provided their extensive fleet of generators ranging from 17kW to 2MW, and power distribution hardware was mobilized throughout Louisiana, supplying temporary power. We also provided desiccant dehumidification, temporary chillers and portable air conditioners to bring relief from the high temperatures, humidity and lack of cooling systems.

Restoration Support Services

During this time, every business was rushing around after the hurricane looking for temporary power resources. With attentive planning we were able to secure equipment rental options and availability with our clients, coordinate mobilization logistics and set up temporary power supply before the hurricane landfall.

Temporary power sourcing is critical and a business necessity. Download our Case Study to see more about restoration support services and how temporary power is utilized during hurricane season.


At Garrett McKenzie, we deliver effective solutions for managing all your restoration and mitigation needs, including the desiccant dehumidifiers, generators, support equipment needed to get the job done right. Our professional team is available 24/7 ready to answer your questions or deploy a team to get your business back in order.