Dry ice blaster rentals offer you the benefit of flexibility and freedom to choose your own timeline while working within your production schedules and reducing downtime of operations. There is no need for equipment disassembly or manual cleaning. Dry ice blasting effectively accesses those hard-to-reach areas, tight corners and smaller openings offering fast effective cleaning solutions for optimal performance.

Dry ice produces no secondary waste cleaning, is non-flammable, non-conductive, and leaves no chemical or hazardous fumes behind, making it safe for workers. Dry ice cleaning solutions meet and exceed specific industry standards with blasting processes and is environmentally friendly. The process offers efficient and time saving solutions.

Utilized in a variety of applications dry ice non-abrasively cleans and removes remnants of grease, oil, ink, glue, paint, dirt, soot, mold, and residual food particles.

Multiple flow options make it ideal for food manufacturing, electrical components, mechanical applications, fire and smoke restoration and mold remediation.

Nationwide delivery available.

• Aircraft & Aerospace

• Automotive

• Boat Hulls

• Circuit Board

• Fire Restoration

• Graffiti

• Historical Restoration

• Mold Remediation

• Plastic Industry Molds

• Printing Presses, Rollers, Ink Trays

• Restaurant Equipment


COLD JET – Dry Ice Blaster

The Aero 40FP
Dry Ice Blaster

Cold Jet PLT 60. Photo

COLD JET – PLT Machine

The Aero2 PLT® 60
Dry Ice Blaster

Cold Jet 80FP. Photo 1

COLD JET – Premium Dry Ice Blaster

The Aero 80FP
Dry Ice Blaster

375 HHAF Compressor. Photo.jpg


375HHAF Portable Air Compressor