The significant damages caused by a flood can be overwhelming and
interrupt business operations. Large loss claims require specialized drying
processes, a team that is knowledgeable in drying building materials, setup
and operation of drying equipment. This is typically outside a business
owner’s expertise.

An experienced water restoration company is able to accurately assess the
damage and create a mitigation plan to effectively provide drying solutions,
distribute power supply and provide flood damage cleanup services.
An effective drying process is critical and ensures all building materials
meet dry standards, are properly cleaned, disinfected and restored. At
times, demolition and debris removal are required which can create
environmental concerns; airborne particulates, construction dust, and
fungal or bacterial exposure. Implementing and maintaining a controlled
demolition plan minimizes these exposures.

Response time matters when mitigating damage.

Still unsure if your situation requires a professional? Here are 3 more
reasons to consider

1. Business operations are impacted when flooding occurs, taking away
one of the most important assets, you. When you or your staff are
redirected from the day to day operations to managing the cleanup,
everything falls behind.

2. Sophisticated equipment is required for detecting water & moisture
in unforeseen areas and building materials while understanding the
data to implement drying solutions.

3. Working with the insurance company or consultant, understanding
the process and pricing, implementing an effective plan for mitigation,
moisture data collection and reporting require project management,
oversight, and climate solutions.

Having your business damaged by flooding is upsetting and stressful
enough. If you have been affected by disaster or have a specific
scenario in mind, contact us for an accurate assessment of your