7 Reasons Professionals Rent Power Generators to Save Time and Money

For many businesses, backup power equipment is essential to maintain operations. Hospitals and schools cannot operate without significant backup protocols. But even significant power back up can be challenged when power outages are extensive and wide-spread. For long-term power generation, municipalities, hospitals and the like need power back online. But many businesses can be caught unprepared for significant power outages and cannot afford to buy and maintain adequate power supply in case of an emergency. Even companies with power generation may consider renting power generation equipment when a power outage is prolonged. 

1. Less Maintenance Cost
Power generators, by their very nature need to be reliable. As with all equipment, regular service and maintenance is required.  Highly skilled technicians who are well-informed on current standards of heavy machinery maintenance can be an expensive addition to labor costs. Beyond immediate power back up needs, many professionals prefer the peace of mind that the power equipment is certified and well maintained without the ongoing cost. Choosing a partner who can quickly mobilize the right amount of power generation only for when you need it can reduce the amount of money spent on facilities maintenance, while still providing the emergency response needed.  

2. Reducing Capital Expense 

When a project goes beyond immediate emergency power, knowing how long you will need significant power generation can be tricky. In the case of short-term projects, renting power equipment makes obvious financial sense. Even when a longer-term project calls for extensive power generation on location, many professionals still chose to rent in order to reduce capital expense outlays. In the case of emergency response situations such as flooding, fire or natural disasters, purchasing and waiting for delivery of power generators may not even be an option. 

3. Flexibility for Any Job; Any Size 

When purchasing power generators, the first issue is assessing capacity needs. When renting equipment, experienced professionals can review your specific project and provide a perfect solution for any job. Whether performing seasonal, temporary or specialized restoration on-site each job may require a different volume of power. This flexibility of configuration is an important part of addressing actual power needs on time and within budget. 

4. Field Services 

Knowing the power generating capacity needed at a fixed premise or at a job site is the first consideration. But getting adequate power delivered requires a professional fleet to not only deliver, but properly install power as needed. Skilled technicians are on-site with rented equipment keeping up with local laws and OSHA safety protocols. Having a partner who understands state law variances for high powered equipment can save time and money, but also keep safety and legal compliance in order. 

5. Proper Insurance Coverage 

When purchasing power generators insurance will vary based on intended usage, mobility requirements. This cost continues regardless of total usage of this equipment. If this equipment is moved either permanently or to respond for temporary needs this insurance may need to be updated. Professionals often prefer renting power generators specifically for the extensive insurance for both on-premise and off-property needs. In the case of emergency or disaster response, few think to check on insurance specifications or simply lack the time to do so properly. When rented power generators arrive on fleet semis, this fleet, along with the equipment and all technical installation and maintenance is covered by the provider. Renting avoids the insurance expense and creates less time spent verifying documentation.  

6. Effective Emergency and Disaster Response 

When responding to emergencies or natural disasters equipment rental can sometimes be the only option available. Fires, floods, plumbing emergencies with heavy water damage, and storm-related power outages catch commercial Property Managers and Facility Directors by surprise. Even for companies with private power back up can require additional power generation either for greater capacity, or needs arising from a prolonged outage. Whether rented equipment is needed as the primary or secondary source of power, rented equipment can easily be moved as the project specs are changed and therefore supply a more flexible solution for emergency situations. 

7. Last Minute Saves 

Thriving businesses have ever-changing demands and are met with new challenges and uncertainties. From last-minute changes in job sites to property damaging events, deadline shifts to commercial accidents, businesses deal with potential losses every day. Power source and restoration service help should be timely and reliable. Professionals look to experienced rental operators to avoid the hassle and expense of owning your own power generator equipment. Renting just what is needed – when it is needed can be the clutch save of a project, a commercial property, or an entire company.  

Is Garrett McKenzie Right for You?

Renting the power equipment that you need means immediate access to the power and energy that can save your site. You’ll get the exact product you need because you’ll have a team of professionals to help you make that assessment and match one of many top-tier options to your needs. There’s no new financing legwork, insurance or warranties to purchase. 

When your work is done simply return the power equipment allowing you to use high-quality heavy equipment for only the time you need it, for the fraction of the cost of ownership.  

At Garrett McKenzie, our greatest promise is to be there. For decades, our ability to quickly mobilize power generation, commercial drying equipment and debris removal crews has made us a powerful resource. Our power generator rental comes to you wherever you perform seasonal, temporary, emergency or specialized restoration services. We cover the 48 contiguous states with our fleet of semis at the ready. Whether you need us for a day, a week or a month, let us help you choose the right power equipment and deliver on service.