Fires are more common than you think. Fire departments across the United States respond to a fire every 24 seconds. While every precaution may have been taken to protect and fireproof a business, disasters still strike. In the wake of catastrophe, expertise and experience ensure the possibility of restoration.

Fire damage doesn’t have to mean the end of your company. In fact, 60% of businesses reopen their doors after experiencing a commercial fire. The key to successful fire damage restoration requires these 3 things:

1. Knowledge

Fire damage restoration is complex. Identifying the damage, mitigating the damage, evaluating risk exposures from business operations, materials exposed and extinguished in the fire, smoke damage removal, and water restoration are all parts of the recovery process. Business operations are completely disrupted with contents and offices often displaced or relocated; warehouse machinery, tools, and equipment may require immediate attention to prevent further damages; and file and document recovery are often necessary. To put it simply, every component of the business is at a standstill.

Regardless of the size or type of industry, having the right restoration specialist that is knowledgeable in fire damage makes all the difference in the recovery phase. Make sure your restoration partner is well-versed in:

• Securing the facility – temporary power, heating and cooling installations, temporary board-up, tarping, fencing and excess water removal services
• Equipment, product and content protection, stabilization, cleaning and relocation services
• Critical barriers/containments and environmental controls
• Packing, file management, cataloging office and critical documents
• Demolition, debris and insulation removal
• Structural drying and mitigation services
• Smoke odor removal, structural cleaning, encapsulation and deodorization

2. Equipment

In some instances, fires cause power outages in facilities, which only create another obstacle in the recovery process. Having access to an immediate power supply is important under these circumstances. 20kw to 2000kw Generators provide enough power to get businesses’ equipment and machinery back up and running as needed. This includes temporary lighting in the facility, back up system operations, and power for emergency equipment. This also helps the structural drying processes to commence faster than waiting for power to be restored. Understandably, generators and other restoration equipment aren’t things most businesses keep on hand or know how to operate. Sourcing the right vendor is important.

3. Experience

When a business is devastated by smoke and fire damage, the first 24 to 48 hours are the most critical. Preparation, quick response time, plans of action, and execution are necessary for effective recovery. This knowledgebase only comes with technical training and years of experience. Always check in to the history of the restoration company and ask your insurance company for recommendations.

Although you are never fully prepared for the devastation of a fire, you can be prepared with what needs to be done after. If you require fire damage restoration, click here to check out our full specialty list on fire damage.