The Phoenix Axial Air Mover revolutionized evaporative drying by producing 3,000 CFM of airflow while using less than 2.5 amps of electricity (high speed). The Phoenix Axial Air Mover is the industry’s only air mover specifically engineered with patented Focus™ Technology. Focus™ Technology produces greater air velocities and focuses on those hard-to-dry areas such as carpet and pad, sub-floor and walls. The high-velocity axial air movers has focused velocities from 0 to 23.5 feet. It is designed to direct airflow towards problematic corners, where the wall meets the floor.

  • AIRFLOW: 3,000 CFM
  • VOLTAGE: 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle
  • POWER: 2.5 Amps (HIGH SPEED)
  • DRIVE MOTOR: 1/4 Hp 1-Phase 110/120 VAC 2-Speed 4-Pole, PSC Electric Motor
  • FEATURES: Focus™ Technology creates an air jet with a square corner, resulting in optimized drying ability. In addition, the Axial Air Mover features built in 4.5°positioning which increases the fans ability to dry.
  • On-board power management which includes a circuit breaker, GFCI protection, and a duplex AC outlet which allows daisy-chaining of up to 4 axials.
  • The standard AC voltage outlet GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection promotes operator safety in wet applications.