Munters R-Series dehumidifiers provide the rental industry with a line of reliable and durable dehumidification systems built for ease of mobility and flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer requirements and applications. Systems are designed to remove moisture from the air to control humidity in commercial buildings and industrial processes.

Features: Temporary humidity control systems are designed with a range of options; desiccant dryers typically use 15% to 30% less energy for the same amount of work; best measured as BTUs per pound of water removed; supply air at -55ºF dewpoint is attainable; camlock power connections installed at 45-degree angles.

  • CFM
  • Voltage
    460v/3/60 — 380 Amps
  • Frequency (HZ)
  • Moisture Removal 80 Degrees F, 60% RH (lb./hr.)9720
  • Dry Air Duct Connections(3) 18”/20” Returns
    (3) 18”x20” Supply
  • Dimensions
    211” x 88” x 104”
    11,200 lbs.
  • Generator303 kW (320)
    *Recommended size
  • Fuel