The Chromalox SDRA SuperDragon is a rugged, self contained, mobile electric blower heater that can be used with or without optional inlet or outlet 20” diameter flexible duct. The SDRA units can be used for comfort heating or process heating temperatures to 180˚F, and can be located in an ambient of up to 130˚F. A high powered fan provides up to 2,700 SCFM, and electrical output up to 60 kW and 600 Vac.

  • VOLTAGE: 480 | 3 Phase
  • BTU/H: 204,720 BTU/h
  • AIR FLOW: 2,700 CFM
  • DUCTING: Up to 165’
  • L X W X H OVERALL: 30.25 x 44 x 38.5
  • WEIGHT: 170 lbs.
  • FEATURES: Can be left unattended without the threat of fire or by-product of combustion from fuel fired heaters.
  • Each unit includes two thermostats to enable the operator to set the maximum inlet and outlet temperatures.