The MS 2400/2000 desiccant dehumidifier provides dehumidification and temporary humidity control options in water damage restoration and new construction by providing consistent drying cycles; offering faster and more consistent drying times while increasing your productivity and profitability. Useful in drying wet surfaces, painting and coasting, surface preparation, and industrial condensation prevention.

These units are the leading solutions available for quickly and efficiently removing ambient water vapor from air and have state-of-the-art features to maintain peak efficiency. The deep grain depression, portability, ease of use and sturdy stainless-steel construction make these desiccant dehumidifiers the right choice for the true professional.

Features: Combination circuit breaker/overload/starters for fan motors preventing downtime, eliminating the need for spare power fuses, and saves the customer downtime with a simple reset; quick connect duct clamps; G-90 16-gauge galvanized steel doublewall construction with insulation; better thermodynamic efficiency; integrated control system with 10-point operational function display standard intelligent microprocessor controllers with “Fail-Capable” mode; ETL listed and approved.

  • CFM
  • Voltage 240/480V – 3 Phase
  • Frequency (HZ)60
  • Moisture Removal 80 Degrees F, 60% RH
  • Dry Air Duct Connections18” or 20”
  • Dimensions
    89” x 29” x 58”
    1150 lbs.