70 kVA Prime Output, Single/Three-Phase, John Deere Tier 4 Final.

MQ Power WhisperWatt Super-Silent Single/Three-Phase generators provide reliable power to meet the most demanding requirements.   They are designed and built to withstand tough environments at construction sites and provide dependable temporary power at entertainment venues and disaster recovery operations. And to safeguard the environment, the WhisperWatt Super-Silent Generator features an integrated 24-hour fuel tank with a fluid containment system.

  • Simultaneous single and three phase receptacles allow fast and convenient hookup.
  • Electronic governor system maintains frequency to ±0.25% from no load to full load.
  • Sound attenuated, weather resistant, steel housing provides noise level at 65 dB(A) at 23 feet.
  • Complete generator analog instrumentation includes voltage regulator control, ammeter phase selector switch, voltmeter phase selector switch, AC voltmeter, AC ammeter, frequency meter, panel light, and circuit breaker.
  • Voltage
    480/277 | 3-Phase
    240/139 | 3-Phase
    240/120 | Single Phase
  • Fuel Tank Capacity103 gallons
  • Run Time78 hours @ 50% Load
    46 hours @ 100%
    Combined Tank Runtime
  • Diesel Fuel @ % of Load25%: 2.0 gal/hr..
    50%: 2.7 gal/hr..
    75% : 3.4 gal/hr..
    100%: 4.3 gal/hr..
  • EPA Final CertifiedTier 4F
  • Spec Sheets

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    Specifications may vary from unit to unit to meet your power needs.