The Cat XQ600 EPA approved Tier II C-18 ATAAC Caterpillar industrial diesel engine offering the perfect balance of durability, efficiency and low  emissions. This fuel-optimized rental power product is ideal for customers interested in consuming the least amount of fuel. The after-treatment system is precisely matched to the engine ensuring performance is optimized for maximum productivity.  Each model delivers increased flexibility by easily switching between 50 and 60 Hz, which allows one machine to satisfy varying load requirements across diverse regions and applications including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas and construction.

  • Reliable, fuel-efficient diesel engine operates on a variety of fuels. The compact, four-stroke-cycle diesel engine combines durability with minimum weight while providing dependability and economy.
  • CATERPILLAR C18 GENERATOR- Single bearing, wye-connected, static regulated, brushless generator designed to match the performance and output characteristics of the Caterpillar diesel engine that drives.
  • Sound attenuated for low noise operation provides operation at 75 dB(A) at 23 feet.
  • Spill containment design protects environment by capturing up to 110% of all onboard fluids.
  • Voltage208 to 600V
  • Fuel Tank Capacity428 gallons
  • Run Time14 hours @ 75% prime load
  • Diesel Fuel @ % of Load50%: 20 gal/hr.
    75%: 29 gal/hr.
    100%: 39 gal/hr.
  • EPA Final CertifiedEPA approved Tier II C-18 ATAAC Caterpillar diesel engine
  • Spec Sheets Notice: Features and equipment specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications may vary from unity to unit to meet your power needs.