Specialty Drying Services

What Are Specialty Drying Services For A Basement?

Specialty drying techniques are optimal and ideal in salvaging an array of surfaces like a dry basement. Garrett McKenzie appreciates and recognizes the necessity of offering such a unique service. Why get into the expense, time and aggravation of replacing a surface when you can dry it successfully? Drying minimizes the disruption, therefore, lessens the time of recovery and cost for replacement. Contact us today for special drying plans.

Your Dry Basement Plan Would Include

  • Initial meeting with a specialty drying expert staff member
  • Savings in pre-planning costs
  • Top industry equipment
  • Access to nation-wide network of specialty dryers
  • Budgeting help
  • Prevention planning
  • Personalized industry analysis of current plan
  • Access to personnel and drying experts
  • 24 Hour emergency access
  • Peace of Mind: Have a plan in place

Dry Basement & Other Examples

  • Marble, Stone & Custom Tile Work: Expense of redesigning, ordering and installing new tile work
  • Murals: The price of saving a mural, ask yourself that question
  • Mosaics: Saving irreplaceable beautiful artwork & design
  • Historical Sites: How do you put a price on that?
  • Concrete: Pulling moisture out of concrete to set quickly, construction continues

Garrett McKenzie: Dry Basement Experts

Most other companies tear out ceramic or glass tiles that are irreplaceable, materials that have been specifically chosen for a certain design, or a 100 year old stone walkway where new stone will never match. So ask yourself, what is the significance in specialty drying? We have the knowledge to dry places that need drying like dry basements, gyms, or even artwork.

Pre-Plan Your Dry Basement with Garrett McKenzie

Your basement needs are our focus at Garrett McKenzie. We offer specialty drying services so your business or building can run smoothly. We also dry other floors besides just the basement. Please be aware if you are in a flood zone. We can come up with excellent plans based on our knowledge for your businesses’ dry basement or other areas of your business. Our expert staff will treat you with personal attention to get plans in place for possible disasters in water.