Catastrophe Affiliation Partnership Program

The Free Catastrophe Affiliation Partnership Program

Disaster recovery planning is essential in every business continuity program. The catastrophe affiliation partnership program will fit your needs. Even though a disaster may appear to be an unlikely event to those who have never experienced one, it is a possible risk that you do not want your business to be unprepared for. Forming partnerships and developing a program is both critical and essential prior to being faced with a disaster.

What We Do For Disasters:

  • Planning
  • Timing
  • Response

These 3 steps are the most crucial phase in the mitigation, remediation and recovery for your business. Garrett McKenznie’s partnership program is designed to help limit your exposure, is significant in keeping your business flowing & operational, and provides solutions to stabilizing the environment & managing your loss. We cover both emergency and non-emergency.


Who is the Free Catastrophe Affiliation Partnership Program Intended For?

  • Equipment Rental Services that need enhancement in their equipment
  • Large Companies who need to recover from disaster
  • Those Who Want To Save On Rental Equipment
  • Any companies unprepared with their own rental equipment
  • People that want reliable rental equipment at a reasonable rate

Catastrophe Affiliation Partnership Program Benefits

  • Free to Join
  • Minimize business disruption
  • Pre-established pricing guide
  • Create synergy
  • Priority status in the event of regional disasters
  • Site & floor plan knowledge
  • Key personnel & tenant knowledge

You Can Trust in Garrett McKenzie

We are a female owned company with decades of experience in the disaster recovery industry. Speak to our expert and friendly staff today by calling 847-247-1600 to set up an appointment for a chance to get into our catastrophe affiliation partnership program today. We usually come into bigger jobs when the equipment rental fails or the job is just too big, so we have the experience to finish the job. Partner with us today because of our outstanding reputation in the community.