Public Domaine


Local town library sustained heavy rainfall; approximately 7 inches fell in the village between midnight and 7 a.m. resulting in flash flooding. Garrett McKenzie provided structural drying & dehumidification drying systems with supporting equipment, maintained air quality control, and decontaminated the lower level and the main floor of library. The library was able to operate on the main floor while the structural drying and repairs were being performed with little to no interruption to the library.

  • Challenges: The entire lower level of the library sustained water damage affecting the drywall, insulation, flooring, and trim work. Humidity control for periodicals, books and collections to prevent secondary damage were of concern. Maintaining acclimatization of the entire building was imperative. Environmental concerns were at the forefront for the library staff and patrons as the library would remain open in areas not impacted by the storm flooding damage. Reference books, catalogs and guides were display on shelves throughout the lower level. All of this had to be carefully inventoried following the library’s catalog system, packed and relocated while the structure underwent demolition, structural drying and remediation.
  • Work performed: Garrett McKenzie worked closely with the building engineer and management while assessing the water impacted structure to develop a plan based upon the moisture data analysis. There were many driving components that affected the drying plan from building occupation, different types of structural components, document – paper drying sensitivity, health and safety of staff and patrons, temperature differentials, high humidity, all of which affect the drying plan. Daily moisture data monitoring was critical as the indoor environmental conditions continually changed.


Lower level became inundated with flood waters from heavy rains affecting the ability to utilize the classrooms and other services offered by the Church. The adjacent church house sustained flood waters as well which concurrently had to be addressed.

  • Challenges: Interruption of church services, weddings & events while structural drying and repairs were performed. Safety and security within the church and house during remediation.
  • Work performed: Garrett McKenzie worked closely with the church personnel to maintain a level of coordination during an upcoming wedding to prevent interruption or cancellation of services. Our team established containment of the lower level and maintained a controlled environment during the wedding services. Structural drying equipment was shut down during services and turned back on after services to accommodate the congregation. These partnerships allow us to appreciate our client’s goals and needs in order for us to adapt our services during times necessary. Controlled demolition of drywall, insulation, trim work and flooring was performed. Decontamination and remediation was performed to ensure the lower area was safe for re-occupancy.

Elementary School

River Flooding in small town caused the local elementary school to sustain flood waters throughout the school.

  • Challenges: River water contaminants affected a majority of the structure. Latex painted masonry walls prevented the structure from drying effectively. Multiple confined spaces required drying and decontamination with limited access.
  • Work completed: Garrett McKenzie was contracted to provide temporary heat, structural drying & dehumidification drying systems throughout the school and confined spaces. We supplied generators and power supply systems to support the drying equipment. The latex painted walls were dry-ice blasted to remove the sealers and paint while also addressing the contaminants.