Industry - Manufacturing

Car Manufacturer

Heavy rainfall during a short period of time caused major flooding to impact the entire lower level of car manufacturing operations. Approximately seven miles of underground corridors were affected by the flooding.

  • Challenges: Critical manufacturing areas were non-operational ceasing production of vehicles on assembly. All mechanicals including power and air conditioning were wiped out during the flooding.
  • Work Performed: Garrett McKenzie’s known capabilities in the industry granted us the opportunity to partner with and collaborate with an extraordinary team who put forth a determined strategy for power distribution, acclimatization of structure, structural drying and dehumidification, air conditioning, and developing a remediation blueprint for the facility. Garrett McKenzie was appointed Equipment Operations and responsible for managing 150 Desiccant Dehumidifiers and 85 Generators amongst other supporting equipment and chillers. Our responsibility was to ensure that suitable equipment was installed in each area of the facility to carefully begin drying the structure while protecting the manufacturing equipment from further damages. Daily setup and monitoring of the equipment, maintenance, relocation and operations were achieved on the largest known structural drying project in our industry to date.