Health Care


Heavy rains caused flooding to entire lower level of critical infrastructure; Hyperbaric Chamber Facility, Independent Doctor’s Offices, Hospital Rehabilitation Area and various areas throughout the hospital.

  • Challenges: Cross contamination of bacteria into the hospital facility; direct bacterial contamination to lower structural components; direct bacterial contamination to multiple doctor’s offices equipment, files and contents; Bacterial contamination to Hyperbaric Chamber Facility; Controlled demolition and remediation to entire lower level; Facilitating an aggressive plan to have all areas operational as quick as possible.
  • Work Performed: Installed containment chambers including encapsulating critical areas from potential cross contamination and install decontamination entry and exit chambers; Provided DNA sampling on a regular basis throughout the project, reviewed results with Infectious Control, Facility Management, and Consultants - as results were analyzed remediation plans were placed into effect. Daily project goals and analysis were reviewed with the Management Team as plans were developed, completed, sampled and cleared of occupancy. Controlled demolition, decontamination, and remediation were performed. Structural drying, dehumidification, moisture monitoring and graphing were successfully performed.

HealthCare Facility

Sprinkler head broke in office building affecting the entire structure. Water in the sprinkler line originated from a pond located on the property.

  • Challenges: Bacteria contamination, potential for employee illness and cross contamination into other areas of the facility, water impacted structural components and electronics and work area contamination.
  • Work performed: Provided DNA sampling to verify the environmental concerns at the property and developed a remediation plan with the Facility Management and Consultant to ensure employee / building occupant health and wellness. Emergency crews erected containment and decontamination chamber to secure the area from the building occupants and prevent cross contamination in unaffected areas of the building. Dehumidification and structural drying plans were developed based upon the moisture data analysis collected. Controlled demolition of structural components was performed; extraction of excess water and decontamination of the building structural components and office furniture was performed. Quickly re-established occupancy of work area.


Water main broke during the week before Easter Sunday, causing approximately 250,000 square feet of damage.

  • Challenges: Critical revenue areas were heavily impacted with water damage, causing these areas to become non-operational and canceling patient procedures. Radiology and surgery areas were under strict criteria for both structural drying and decontamination.
  • Work Performed: Through a collaboration of our partnership with the hospital facilities staff, infectious control, and general contractor we were able to implement a cohesive plan by providing an expansive moisture data analysis of the directly impacted areas and indirect damages. An aggressive remediation and structural drying plan was executed allowing the hospitals operations to return to normal with downtime being minimized. Emergency crews worked around the clock through Easter weekend providing desiccant dehumidification, structural drying, power supply, support equipment and labor bringing the affected areas to a stable environment.