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Case Studies

Case Studies

Featured Case Study


Plumbing Malfunction – 2 Story Commercial Multi-tenants Building

Unit on 2nd floor had a plumbing fixture malfunction and it caused extreme water damage to its unit and the tenant on the 1st floor and common areas. Garrett McKenzie was called out over the weekend and responded quickly to mitigate the damages; Structural Drying, Document Recovery, Removal of wet building materials and relocating the office staff & furniture was successfully completed during this time.  The Reconstruction phase is underway with new carpet, ceiling tiles, painting of offices, trim work and moving the staff and its offices back into the facility.

Featured Case Study #3

Social Security Office

Contractor of government building commissioned Garrett McKenzie to design a plan for identifying areas that were suspect to mold contamination.  Investigative demolition took place on all of the exterior walls of the facility to verify if both moisture and mold issues existed.  Water tests were performed, moisture readings and infrared thermography investigations were led to validate and narrow down where the moisture infiltration began. Once corrective measures were performed, tested and retested, remediation of the mold contaminated areas were successfully achieved.  Our team worked closely with the Social Security Staff, their appointed Industrial Hygienist, and the Contractor.  This just shows that bringing all of us together, by forming partnerships and developing plans is both critical and essential for successful remediation.

Featured Case Study #2

Hospital Medical Offices Flooded

Entire lower level of hospital sustained heavy damages from rain storm, causing water from retention pond to overflow into medical offices. Garrett McKenzie’s

timely response to mitigate damages, implement a successful structural drying plan & monitor indoor air quality was unparalleled.  Within hours DNA & Indoor Air Sampling began, pumping out standing water and extraction was underway and an entire team was brought in to begin handling each of the medical offices relocation, demolition, and structural drying, while design teams began assessing the repairs.

By being a member or our C.A.P.P program – Catastrophe Affiliation Partnership Program such as this hospital is, facilitated this coordinated & successful remediation of the medical offices.  This program enables us to know the building layout, build relationships within the facilities and maintenance staff, have pre-established pricing so everyone is not scrambling around trying to get costs under control, and we have a team of individuals within our reach to partner with us to get you functioning as timely and effectively as possible all while implementing a plan for the recovery & cleaning phase of your disaster.