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Disaster Recovery

Hurricane. River Flooding. Storm Damage. Wind Damage. Large Loss Catastrophe.

Water Mitigation

Structural Drying. Convectant Drying. Convectional Dehumidification. Desiccant Dehumidification.

Environmental Services

Mold Remediation. Indoor Air Quality. Bacterial Contamination. Asbestos Abatement. Dry Ice Blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting

Food Processing Equipment.

Printing Presses. Marinas| Boat Hulls. Mold Remediation.


  1. Aggressive Client Solutions – We are a client-focused company!  We work closely with clients to provide direction and establish goals while ensuring the team will remain focused on meeting all short and long-term goals!
  2. Master of detail – Ensuring our clients get only the best!!!  We offer high standards of service, personal attention to clients, reliability and integrity.  We are experts in disaster recovery, remediation, technology, and all of our vehicles and equipment are state-of-the art. 
  3. Build & Maintain Strong Relationships – It is ALL about trust!   Clients are provided with complete access to our Client Management System to pave the way to relationship stability and project success. This real-time information includes invoices, quotes, estimates, contract copies, pictures, insurance company information, Garrett McKenzie information, and all other important information pertaining to the loss to help the client become comfortable with the project while keeping them-up to-date! 
  4. Management of Insurance Claims & Recovery – We help clients review their insurance policy!  Utilizing our in-house expert property loss consulting team, we provide detail overviews of coverage(s) and how it applies to the loss.  We work with the insurance company adjuster in establishing the scope of damages to expedite the loss recovery from a work and cash flow perspective.  We KNOW insurance language and lingo! 
  5. Legal Resources – Protecting our client’s rights!  We have our own general counsel on staff available to assist our clients with the complexities of claims processing.
  6. Our Team becomes Your Team!  Our team was strategically and carefully built based upon what we found missing and badly needed within our industry; allowing us to expertly assist our clients in every aspect of their loss.
  7. Mastering Your Business – We learn our client’s business from service, operations, equipment, clients, to their employees, so we can better assess and address all of your losses.  We strive to know the loss inside and out to move the claim along quickly.  We ensure that we will know the loss better than the insurance adjuster to help the claim move through to completion in the most efficient time-frame as possible.
  8. Fair & Honest Recovery – Clients count on us! We are fair and honest in our practices, services and pricing.  Every staff member knows the importance of maintaining a sound relationship with our clients by honestly representing our work.  Our clients are involved as much, or as little, as they would like to be.  We fix problems created by other companies and will review details provided by another company. Our reputation is “fair and honest in all our dealings.”
  9. History – Combining over 100 years of team experience to work for our clients!  Once an employee joins our staff, they make a commitment to the team and a career with our company.  Our employees are here to stay and our combined extensive knowledge and commitment is paramount to being the best in the business.
  10. Rapid Response – A 24-hour on-call center! Our customer service lines are staffed and answered directly by the best service individuals in our company.  We want the best and brightest at your service at all times!!
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